Terrorist Group Infiltration Attempt from Turkey Foiled, Dead Bodies of Citizens and Military Members Foud in Daraa, Citizen Martyred in Aleppo

PROVINCES, (SANA) – Authorities on Wednesday foiled an infiltration attempt by an armed terrorist group from the Turkish territories into Syria near Khirbet al-Jouz border village in Idleb countryside.

SANA reporter quoted a source at Idleb Province as saying that the authorities killed one of the terrorists, while the others escaped to Turkey.

Law-enforcement Member Martyred, Two Injured by Suicidal Attack in Idleb

The source added that a suicidal terrorist in a booby-trapped car blew himself up near a law-enforcement post on Idleb-Silkeen road, causing the martyrdom of Ismael Asaad Qasim and the injury of Corporal Fadi Mahmoud Ismael and conscript Qasim Mohammad Rajab.

Citizen Khaled al-Khaled Martyred in Idleb by His Son Who Belongs to Armed Terrorist Groups

Citizen Khaled al-Khaled was martyred on Wednesday in Saraqeb city in Idleb province as his son, Mohammad, who belongs to an armed terrorist group, shot him dead.

A source told SANA reporter that Khaled was killed by his son in response to his father’s advice to refrain from terrorizing people and sabotaging properties.

Dead Body Found Thrown in Orontes River in Idleb

The authorities found the body of citizen Issam Mousa thrown in the Orontes River. Mousa works in Oyoun Ara water plant and he was abducted by an armed terrorist group one week ago.

Red Crescent Volunteer Martyred, Another Injured by Terrorists in Douma, Damascus Countryside

An armed terrorist group targeted with their gunfire an ambulance car which belongs to the branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Damascus Countryside while performing a humanitarian mission in Douma city.

The attack resulted in the martyrdom of volunteer Mohammad Ahmad al-Khadra and the injury of volunteer Moayed Qadamani, SANA correspondent said.

The Syrian Red Crescent Organization said in a statement that volunteer al-Khadra was martyred while performing his duty as emergency staff came under fire yesterday in Doma.

It called on all sides concerned to protect the emergency staff and respect the sign of the Red Crescent.

A Citizen Martyred, Three Others Seriously Injured in Aleppo

In Aleppo, an armed terrorist group attacked a flower shop of citizen Mohammad Shihaza Bin Mohammad Ali in al-Hamdaniyah area, shooting at the shop’s owner causing his death.

Three citizens were gravely injured at al-Marjeh Quarter in a blast of an explosive charge planted by an armed terrorist group.

Heavy material damage to shops and nearby houses were also caused by the explosion.

Dead Bodies of a Military Member and 3 Citizens Found , Policeman Assassinated, Sergeant Major Abducted , An Explosive Device Dismantled while Two Others Detonated, Lieutenant Colonel Martyred in Daraa

In Daraa countryside, authorities found the body of Captain Nawras Rahieh thrown under a bridge.

Captain Rahieh was abducted by an armed terrorist group yesterday as he was heading to work.

Authorities found the body of the Palestinian Ra’d Nidal Fauzi in a grocery market in Daraa bearing marks of severe torture that showed attempt to hang him.

The body of citizen Met’eb Mohammad al-Faroukh was found stabbed in al-Hara town in Daraa countryside.

Another armed terrorist group assassinated policeman Amjad Abu Qteif and abducted Sergeant Major Yamen Taqi from the law-enforcement forces in an armed ambush while leaving Jadal Izraa Police Station.

In Namer town in Daraa, the body of Abdel Kareem al-Amari was found, while two explosive devices were detonated on the way to the town and no injuries were reported.

Military engineering units dismantled an explosive device planted by an armed terrorist group near “April 7th” School.

Lieutenant Colonel Habis Aslan was martyred by gunfire of a terrorist sniper in Basr al-Harir in Daraa Countryside.

SANA correspondent said that the terrorist opened fire on the martyr while he was driving his car in Basr al-Harir town to his workplace in the region.

Terrorists Open Fire on Bus in Khan Shikhoun, Four Civilians Martyred and Six Injured

An armed terrorist group opened fire on a bus belonging to al-Ahliya transport company in Khan Shikhoun, martyring four civilians and injuring six. The bus was headed to Hama from Aleppo.

An official source said that the martyrs are Issa Ismael al-Rayyes, born in 1987, who sustained a gunshot to the head, the bus driver Abdelghani Shekh Sobeh, born in 1957, who sustained a gunshot to the thigh, Lama Mheddin al-Masri, boen in 1978, who sustained an injury to the chest, and Iman Alloush al-Zaben, born in 1978, who sustained a gunshot in the neck.

The injured civilians include assistant driver Mohammad al-Mustafa, born in 1993, who sisyyained a gunshot to the neck, Imad Abdelmajid Kazkaz, born in 1989, who sustained gunshots to the legs, Dalia Mtanious, born in 1987, who sustained a gunshot to the back, and Ruba Abdelrahman Ramr al-Barazi, born in 1978, who sustained a gunshot to the hand.

Authorities Seize Explosive Devices and Arms in Stolen Car in Deir Ezzor

Authorities recovered a car which was stolen by an armed terrorist group in Deir Ezzor.

A source in the governorate told SANA correspondent that a pump-action rifle, explosive devices, TNT explosives and ammunition were found in the car.

Armed Terrorist Group Blows up Explosive Device in Workers’ Bus, Injures Six

An armed terrorist group targeted a bus carrying workers at Idleb Spinning Factory on Idleb-Jisr al-Shughour road near Sallet al-Zohour village, injuring six and the driver.

A source in the governorate said that the injured were carried to Jisr al-Shughour National Hospital to receive aid.

Also a citizen was injured by an armed group’s gunfire that targeted al-Shahbaa bus heading from Damascus to Aleppo.

SANA correspondent quoted a source in the governorate as saying that the terrorist group targeted the bus at 10:00 a.m. near al-Taman’a in Khan Sheikhoun, injuring the civilian Khaled al-Jassem.

On a different note, the source added that the body of the retired Chief Warrant Officer Labib Ahmad Ma’arri was found between Karkour and Freikeh towns in Jisr al-Shughour, indicating that Ma’arri was kidnapped by an armed terrorist group along with his car from his house in Mahambel town yesterday. The source said that the death was caused by an electric shock.

The source indicated that an armed terrorist group seized a car owned by Idleb Health Directorate on al-Nayrab-Sarmin road and took it to an unknown place.

Explosive Device Goes Off in Hama, Sixteen Killed According to Initial Estimates

An explosive device went off while a terrorist group were setting it up in a house which was used to make explosives in Masha’a al-Tair neighborhood in Hama city, claiming sixteen lives according to initial estimates, including women and children.

12 were injured in the explosion which caused significant damage to six neighboring houses in the neighborhood, which is a random housing area.

Civil Defense teams are still carrying out rescue operations in the area.