An advanced team of 30 peace plan observers has been sent to Syria with the UN calling an additional 300 observers to follow in support.

Press TV has interviewed Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian in Washington about the UN commitment to the observer mission; Russia’s commitment and also the commitment from the West and reactionary Gulf monarchies. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: How much of a commitment is seen among the so-called Friends of Syria and the US to the plan presented by Mr. Kofi Annan?

Tarpley: Well, based on the conference we just had in Paris of this Friends of Syria – really the enemies of Syria, they are determined to sabotage the observers and I think that’s pretty clear.

We have a situation where the NATO powers are interested in sabotaging the mission and Russia for various reasons would like to see it go on and perhaps even have some effect.

I wonder how Ban Ki Moon can look us seriously in the face and say that he wants to send observers to Syria when he has just said today that the mission is already a failure; the mission is already pointless says Ban Ki Moon.

It’s very interesting to watch Ban Ki Moon when he talks about Sudan and South Sudan he gives at least lip service to the idea that there are two parties and each party has responsibilities – he is willing to give lip service to that.

But when it comes to Syria it is completely one-sided. It is the Assad government that is responsible for anybody that gets killed including the thousands and thousands of Syrian military and security personnel that have been killed by the NATO death squads and there is no mention ever of the foreign fighters, the foreign weapons and so forth.

That conference in Paris yesterday was another monstrosity. During the course of it Hilary Clinton was escalating her already hysterical rhetoric. She wants to have a new Chapter 7 UN Security Council resolution, which will lead to an armed embargo of everybody against Syria.

Well, she better tell her friends in the reactionary monarchies of the Gulf that they should stop sending in weapons. And you had Jupee dominating the press conference after the fact and Jupee wants humanitarian powers .

Now, I think the most dangerous thing that’s going on… Yesterday, Nocolas Sarkozy, president of France facing almost certain defeat in his election started this elaborate comparison of Libya and Syria, he said Homs is just like Benghazi and that Assad reminds me more and more of Gaddafi and we’re going to go in there and create those humanitarian corridors.

This looks like he is searching for a ‘wag the dog’. Between the 22nd of April, the day after tomorrow when the first round is held and if Sarkozy survives the second round it goes all the way to May 6th. At any point in that time he could try to pull some kind of a false flag event and then look for an excuse to attack Syria and I wouldn’t put it passed him.

Press TV: Russia is moving for the quick adoption of a UN Security Council resolution for the deployment of observers to monitor the cease fire in Syria. How much can they help?

Having this in mind that we saw from 1992 to 1995 UN forces being deployed to Bosnia. Some say that a similar situation might happen in Syria where what we saw in Bosnia, the UN forces failed to bring peace with them.

Tarpley: Well, I think the Russian contribution is of course absolutely vital. Without Russia and without China we’d already have a major regional war because this is the commitment of the NATO side.

At the same time, these observers by themselves are not the solution. There is always the danger of some kind of stunt being pulled blamed on Syria and then used as a pretext for some kind of attack.

The longer this goes on the more it begins to look like the Spanish civil war back between 1936 and 1939 where we had different countries supporting different sides in an internal conflict and a prelude to a world war. So it would be important to bring this to an end.

And the way to do that is simple – Stop the activities of the NATO death squads; stop sending in money and weapons. All the foreign fighters are now mercenaries working for Qatar and Saudi Arabia and it seems to be spreading instability in the entire region.

We have rumors on the internet that there has been some kind of a military coup attempt against the Emir of Qatar – whatever that’s worth I don’t know, but it may be somehow linked to the extremely aggressive role of Qatar in the anti-Syrian onslaught.