The US has broken UN Security Council Resolution 2042 regarding Syria’s continuing conflict, says the president of the Syrian UN Association.

The resolution authorizes the dispatch of UN observers to the Middle-Eastern country.

The analyst added that Washington has violated the terms of the resolution by sending material assistance to the armed groups and terrorist gangs in Syria.

The United Nations has called for the deployment of a 300-person observation mission in Syria, as observers say there is a “chance of progress to curb the unrest in the country”.

UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon says the proposed mission will greatly contribute to end the armed violence in Syria, while calling on President Bashar al-Assad to pledge fully to the ceasefire and the proposed peace plan.

Press TV has conducted an interview with George Jabour, president of the Syrian UN Association, to further discuss the US taking a double-standard position on the Syrian conflict. The following is a transcription of the interview.

Press TV: We have the UN calling for a three month observer mission in Syria. There are some observers that have been deployed already to Syria. At the same time, we have Qatar’s Emir saying there’s a three percent chance of this working with the US pledging their support, they claim, in terms of telecommunication equipments, not to mention the funding for these armed opposition groups. What do you make of these two put together in terms of this ceasefire at least giving it a chance for this to work?

Jabour: There was a [UN] Security Council unanimity when they decided in the Security Council on Resolution 2042.

Now this unanimity is being broken by the United States when they say they are sending material assistance to the armed groups in Syria. It seems to me that the United States has a double-standard in this: openly, it supports the resolution; and then in a covert way, it sort of encourages the armed gangs not to abide by the resolution.

It is the duty of the United Nations to, more or less, declare that all states, members of the Security Council, should overtly and covertly support the resolution.

Then, of course, it is the duty of the regional states to express their support to the resolution. We know that some regional states say that it is their duty to send arms to the armed gangs.

We have a choice, either to follow Resolution 2042 or to, more or less, keep things as they are – an armed rebellion which is being crushed by the government.

This is not a solution. The solution is to abide by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2042.

Press TV: Well, if you recall, there was an Arab League mission that was sent to Syria. This was a couple of months back, and there were reports indicating that the Arab League was, in turn, aware that it was armed gangs, in many cases, that actually had incurred civilian deaths based on them attacking government forces.

George Jabour, are we to have faith in these observer monitors that are going to be on the ground? Are they going to report what is actually happening in terms of the facts, not to mention the media distortions so as there to be a clear picture? Do you think, then, this mission is going to be successful?

Jabour: Let us hope that they will be successful. There is no solution other than dialogue. Of course, those people are coming from different countries, different orientations, but then they work under the United Nations Annan mission, and I hope that they will be successful.

Now back to the former observer mission of the League of Arab states. That former mission was also successful in many ways. Then what happened is that its success sort of distracted it from the confidence of those who sent it. So they did not appreciate the report because it said in its report that there are armed gangs, that there are armed groups that fire on the civilians, and that kidnapped civilians.

So I suppose that the new mission should be better equipped and, perhaps, would not lose its credibility in the eyes of those who sent it.

In the eyes of the Syria government, the Syrian government cooperated with the Arab group and it is cooperating with the international group. And I hope that the mission of the international group will be more successful than the mission of the Arab group, and that its report will be appreciated by all, will be taken into consideration, in order to decide what the future steps would be.