Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday said that the Syrian armed opposition exercises provocative acts to bring back violence and foil Annan’s plan.

In a press conference with the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Minister, Saad Eddin Ottoman in Moscow, Lavrov said “We condemn pre-assessments to Annan’s plan and call upon all powers which have influence on the Syrian opposition, particularly the armed one, to practice its role in order to stop violence.”

He pointed out to reports published by Turkish media that fighters of the so-called ‘Free Army’ are exploiting the camps of the refugees in Turkey to prepare attacks on the Syrian forces from the Turkish lands.

Lavrov added that Moscow calls to solve all issues in peaceful methods through dialogue without foreign interference in accordance to the international law and within respecting the countries’ sovereignty and independence.

Russia’s Foreign Minister expressed Moscow’s concerns over the attempts of some groups which call themselves ‘Friends of Syria’ at evaluating Annan’s plan, adding that “I personally noticed that some of our partners lost the ability to focus after they knew that the Syrian government had accepted Annan’s plan.”

Lavrov stressed that Annan’s plan was adopted by the UN Security Council, adding that the Council is the only side with the powers to assess the plan on the basis of the information submitted by the UN monitoring mission.

Russia: International Human rights Committee has to be objective and unbiased

Russia today underlined the importance of the International Independent Committee , formed by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate the human right issues in Syria, to be committed to objectivity and unbiased.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov met today with President of the International Committee Paulo Pinheiro, discussing with him a number of issues related to the work of the committee on human rights in Syria to be debated at the 21st session of the Human Rights Council.

During the meeting, the Russian side said it relies on the objectivity and fairness of the Committee’s work whether in regards to the human situation in Syria or when formulating its recommendations which should be directed to contributing to “a national comprehensive dialogue and a peaceful settlement to the crisis In Syria.”

On his Twitter website, Gatilov said that Pinheiro admitted that the Syrian opposition is perpetrating serious violations of human rights.

Bogdanov: Other Group of Syrian Opposition to Visit Moscow Soon

Russian President’s Special Representative for Middle East Affairs, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, said that another group of the Syrian opposition is set to visit Russia soon.

In a statement released Wednesday, Bogdanov added that this group will visit Moscow within the next few days, adding that the group is headed by a figure of the ‘Front for Change and Liberation’, which also represents the Syrian internal opposition.

Bogdanov Stresses to Ambassador Haddad Need for Annan’s Plan to Be Implemented Strictly and Firmly by All Sides

Later, Bogdanov discussed with Syrian Ambassador in Moscow Riyad Haddad the developments of the situation in Syria.

The Russian side stressed the need to preserve the ceasefire and the importance of having the Syrian government and all other sides committed to implementing Annan’s plan strictly and firmly, in addition to the importance of expediting the implementation of UN monitoring.

In turn, Haddad affirmed the Syrian authorities’ strict determination to adhering to its obligations in this regard, relaying facts regarding the repeated attempts of armed terrorist groups to undermine Annan’s plans.

He also hoped that the UN observers will manage to put an end to provocations and violations by terrorist groups.

Gatilov Stresses Need to Coordinate Operation of Observer Mission with Syrian Government

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov stressed the need for coordination between the Syrian government and the UN observer mission, saying that the mission’s success depends on this.

In a statement, Gatilov said that UN regulations stipulate for establishing understanding with missions’ host countries in addition to strict adherence to sovereignty and independence of the country in question.

He said that the UN General Secretariat must provide preliminary information to the Security Council on the indicators of the observer mission’s work in Syria, and that the Council should issue a resolution on delegation the observer mission.

Gatilov said that Russia may expand its participation in this delegation, noting that a Russian officer was part of the first group of observers to arrive in Syria, adding that there’s a possibility of altering the initial estimation of observer numbers to 250 according to developments, and that any change should be done in coordination with the Syrian government.

M. Nassr/ al-Ibrahim / H. Sabbagh