After more than a year of turbulence, Syria is still facing both a violent internal opposition uprising and the threat of external intervention.  NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council have backed the opposition, the Syrian Transitional Council, both politically and militarily.  Calls for humanitarian intervention in the name of the “responsibility to protect” have been made by the same NGOs as those who acted over Libya last year.  Russia and China have vetoed interventionist resolutions in the Security Council, backed by the US, France and the UK, and a chance for reconciliation has been offered with Kofi Annan’s mediation mission.  But can it succeed?  Will sovereignty remain respected, as provided for by the UN Charter?  What are the real aims of NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council in Syria?  Do they want peace and reconciliation or regime change and chaos?  Our video provides some answers to these questions, with interviews with Rodolfo Reyes, the Permanent Representative of Cuba to the UN in Geneva; Jean Bricmont, the Belgian political scientist ; John Laughland, Director of Studies at IDC in Paris; and Bahar Kimyongür, the Belgian author of “Syriana, la conquête continue”.