DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Syria on Friday addressed two identical letters to the President of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary General on the terrorist acts perpetrated by armed groups which are backed by Arab and Western countries.

“The terrorist acts committed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria have increased during the last few days, particularly after reaching an understanding on Kofi Annan’s plan,” the letters stated.

The letters added “In addition to the bombings whose preliminary evidence revealed the involvement of al-Qaeda members and the crimes committed by the other armed terrorist groups, instigation was escalated by some sides who claim care for Syria and making the UN Special Envoy’s mission a success, while at the same time acting contrary to Annan’s plan and the return of security and stability to Syria.

“The outcome of some meetings recently held indicated that the main goal of their participants was to shed more Syrian blood to the extent that some of them announced establishing funds to finance and arm these groups which we have already provided you with proofs in previous letters of their acts of killing, violence and terrorism, the letters said.

The letters added that those who follow up the developments of the crisis in Syria note that the sides which stroked the crisis through unprecedented media instigation and providing arms and support to the terrorist groups did not admit the presence of gunmen until after the Arab monitors’ mission proved their presence and their killing and sabotage acts.

“Therefore, the sides which denied this idea withdrew the Arab monitors, ended the work of the mission and rejected its report as it doesn’t serve Syria’s enemies inside and outside the Arab League,” they added.

The two letters said that Syria provided the Arab monitors’ mission and the UN with documents that prove the crimes perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups against civilians and law-enforcement forces in Syria and their countless attacks on private and public properties and infrastructures which have left negative impact on the life of the Syrian citizens.

The letters documented the number of civilian martyrs who fell in the terrorist attacks, in addition to the number of Army and law-enforcement martyrs which reached 2088 and more than 478 martyrs from the police.

The two letters documented the number of women and children martyred, in addition to those who were abducted or threatened with death for ransom from civilians and army and police members, in addition to the number of stolen vehicles.

The letters expressed surprise over the feigned concern of media and officials in certain countries for the Syrian people while they said no word regarding these crimes, not to mention decisions issued by international and regional institutions with the aim of distorting Syria’s image, threatening its stability, independence and sovereignty and undermining its regional and international role.

The letters indicated that representatives of some UN member states rushed to mobilize international institutions against Syria to undermine Annan’s efforts to which Syria stressed support and cooperation to make his mission a success.

The letters added that Syria called upon all states to work together with it to prevent terrorist acts, including the implementation of the international conventions related to terrorism.

“Syria calls upon the international community and the US Security Council in particular to take necessary measures to prevent funding or preparing any terrorist acts against it using the territories of other countries,” it added.

In its two letters, Syria warned the countries which announced that supporting and arming the terrorists against Syria is a duty of the consequences of their statement as the world won’t forget their role in funding terrorist groups in other countries which had catastrophic consequences on regional and international levels.

Syria called upon the countries concerned not to provide haven for those who plan, support or commit terrorist attacks as the international community is no longer able to tolerate these terrorists and their supporters.

The letters indicated to the close connection between the international terrorism and the organized crime, illicit drugs trafficking, money laundering and illegal arms trade and what is taking place in Syria, calling upon concerned parties to stop and condemn them in order to coordinate efforts on national, regional and international levels in the face of serious challenges and threats to the international security.

“Syria, as a founding member of the UN, look forwards to the cooperation of the countries of the world to end terrorism and protect independent and sovereign states from its catastrophes, the two letters added.

R. Raslan/ M. Ismael