Armed Group Assassinates Two Colonels in Aleppo, Pilot Kidnapped in Damascus Countryside, Explosives Dismantled in Idleb

PROVINCES, SANA- In the framework of targeting the national expertise and intellectuals, an armed terrorist group on Thursday assassinated two Colonels in Aleppo.

SANA reporter cited a source in Aleppo Province as saying that four terrorists driving a car opened fire on Colonel Abdul-Karim al-Raei from the Command of the Northern Region and Colonel Fouad Shaaban from the Appointment Department at the crossroads of Bab al-Hadid Area in Aleppo while they were heading to their job, causing their martyrdom.

Two Officers Assassinated in Daraa Countryside

Lieutenant Colonel Sami Mahmoud al-Muhammad and Colonel Mwaffaq al-Hamad were assassinated by gunfire of an armed terrorist group in Daraa countryside, SANA correspondent said.

SANA correspondent said Lieutenant Colonel al-Muhammad was shot dead when he was heading to his work in al-Hrak in Daraa countryside, adding that Colonel al-Hamad was also assassinated as he was heading to his work on al-Dara Road. Sergeant Mo’tassem Nayef Abu El-Kheir was injured.

Authorities Release 5 Security Members Abducted by Armed Terrorist Groups in Idleb Countryside

During the prursuit of armed terrorist groups in Jerjinaz village in Idleb countryside, the competent authorities released five security members who were kidnapped by armed terrorist groups.

An official source told SANA reporter that the released members are: Corporal Bilal Mazen Hilal, Sergeant Ayman Nassar, Policeman Allan al-Muher, Sergeant Mohammed Abdul-Qader al-Satti and Sergeant Mohammed Kanjo.

Weapons and Torture Chambers Discovered in Idleb Countryside

The competent authorities discovered quantities of weapons and rooms used for torturing kidnapped citizens in Talmans and Jarjanaz in Idleb countryside.

In Homs, the competent authorities clashed with an armed terrorist group in al-Qseir, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

An Armed Terrorist Group kidnaps Brigadier General Pilot in Damascus Countryside

An armed terrorist group kidnapped a Brigadier General Pilot in Damascus Countryside. A Military source told SANA reporter that an armed terrorist group kidnapped Brigadier General Pilot Mohammed Omar al-Derbas in the Eastern Gota while he was heading to his job.

Large Number of Explosive Devices Dismantled, Terrorist Killed in Idleb

Engineering units on Thursday dismantled a large number of explosive charges in Idleb Province planted by armed terrorist groups in a number of residential areas, byroads, at the entrances of some villages and towns and in location of population activities to target citizens and law-enforcement unites.

SANA correspondent quoted a source at the province as saying that the explosive devices were manufactured in different sizes and weights in the form of gas jars, heating cylinders and fire extinguishers.

On the other hand, the source noted that the competent authorities, in the framework of pursuing the armed terrorist groups who terrified citizens in the countryside of eastern al-Ma’ara, clashed with a number of terrorists.

The clash resulted in the killing of terrorist Mahmoud al-Ibrahim, nicknamed Mahmoud al-Shadha.

Police Sport Team Coach Martyred, His Brother Injured in Explosion in Damascus Countryside

One law-enforcement forces member was martyred and his brother was injured on Thursday as an explosive device improvised by an armed terrorist group blew up in Harasta suburb in Damascus countryside.

SANA reporter said that the explosive device was put in the martyr’s car and it exploded in Harasta leading to the martyrdom of Ahmad Jaber al-Qasem who is the coach of the Police Sport Team and the injury of his brother Nimr.