DAMASCUS – President Bashar al-Assad underscored that the power of every State lies in popular support and that the Syrian People who, with their awareness and will, foiled foreign schemes, have once more proved their ability to safeguard Syria and build the renewed Syria through their determination to pursue reforms in parallel with encountering the terrorism backed by foreign sides.

During his meeting with here Tuesday with Alla Alexandrovsaya, chairwoman of the Syrian-Ukrainian Friendship Committee in the Ukrainian Parliament and the accompanying delegation, President al-Assad reiterated that what Syrian has been exposed to is a repetition of previous bids to weaken and destabilize it.

The talks during the meeting focused at the ongoing developments of events in Syria, and at the importance of consolidating bilateral relations binding Syria and Ukraine in all fields particularly at the popular level.

Members of the Ukrainian delegation voiced their solidarity with Syria in the face of the foreign attack, and their support to the ongoing reforms in Syria, asserting that any bid to destabilize the situation in Syria would affect the stability of the region and the world at large.

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the presidential Political and Media Advisor attended the meeting.

In the same context, Speaker of the People’s Assembly Dr. Mahmoud al-Abrash briefed Alexandrovsaya on the reality of the media and political attack and the economic pressure leveled against Syria to dissuade it from its principles.

In a statement to the press after her meeting with al-Abrash, Alexandrovsaya said that the delegation discussed with President al-Assad several important issues after witnessing the support of the Syrian people for his political leadership and their support for the reforms he announced, affirming that security and stability in Syria will reflect positively on the entire world.

She said that the only way out of the events taking place in Syria – which she said couldn’t be referred to as a “crisis” – must be political and peaceful through dialogue, not through bearing arms.

Alexandrovsaya said that everything will be alright in Syria, stressing the need to bolster the friendship between the Syrian and Ukrainian peoples and increasing efforts to overcome misleading foreign media.

In turn, member of the Syrian-Ukrainian Friendship Committee Yevgeniy Tsarkov said that the delegation discussed with President al-Assad the importance of cooperation between youth organizations in both countries and cooperation in the fields of technology, especially since Ukraine has many universities which are prepared to receive Syrian students.

He said that they also discussed the possibility of assisting Syria in the exporting minerals, developing electric power plants which have been targeted by terrorists recently, in addition to providing necessary goods and materials.

Tsarkov concluded by saying that those who criticize Syria belong to civilizations that are no older than 100 or 200 years at the most, while Syria has a civilization dating back to over 10,000 years.

H. Sabbagh / Al-Ibrahim