Syrian citizen Basel Mohaisen’s analysis of recent events in the UN regarding Syria

The latest revision removes a clause calling on Assad to immediately transfer power to a deputy in advance of elections for a new government.

However, the draft still “fully supports” the Arab League’s decision to “facilitate a political transition leading to a democratic, plural political system,” the Associated Press reports.

The above has only one meaning, and that is, if not immediately then it is eventually, which means that they will set a deadline, a deadline which will not be long enough for the Syrian Regime to fully implement all reforms required nor the Syrian people to see or feel the reforms occurring as most of such reforms require much time, that is of course besides the ongoing terrorist acts which are a main reason for the unrest that prevents in so many ways the people from making any good use of any reforms currently being made and makes it much more difficult for the government to make further reforms at a fast pace as promised.

There have been many laws issued and many other oppressive laws cancelled such as the martial law which has been valid for decades, for those who have not realized yet, the martial law in Syria was removed even before it was removed in Egypt.

Here’s another phrase that draws suspicion: “facilitate a political transition leading to a democratic, plural political system”. One must ask here: what does “democratic plural political system” mean? We all understand a multi-party system, however, in this case if Syria was to include the internal opposition, that have the same ideology of independent nationalist beliefs it could lead to a somewhat democratic state system. But there are grave dangers in involving in a coalition government a party lead by a man like Burhan Ghalioun of the SNC, ie the leader of a group which is recognised by the majority of Syrians as a terrorist group not to mention that it is a party in bed with the greatest enemies of the Syrian people: the zionist global elite.

Burhan Ghalioun

The same goes for the prospect of the involvement of another figure, Haitham Maleh, who blatantly violated international law when he threatened to have the entire Assad family killed and drew a parallel with the savage killing of Gaddafi.

Haitham Maleh

That cannot and will never happen due to the fact that the current regime’s ideology and one and only system is RESISTANCE against all means of the zionist entity’s attempts to reoccupy our minds and our land.

The zionist global elite are working on a few levels. First is to reach an agreement with Russia and China, which I believe is impossible simply because both countries are fully aware of the plan set by the zionist global elite – that is the fall of the Syrian regime leading Syria into an endless civil war that will split it up into several states, followed by a similar scenario in Iran and/or as a second option to increase their internal offense against Syria with the continuous use of their international and regional media tools such as Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya to increase terrorism within the country via their proxies including in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

One must pause and reflect on why it is that the cities bordered with these four neighboring countries are the ones that are setting the headlines of the mainstream mass zionist media. The answer is the zionist infiltration of the Arab world. Lebanon lead by Saad Alhariri, Jordan lead by the King of Jordan, Iraq lead by Americans and of course the sly/friendly neighbor Turkey lead by Erdogan whose special relationship with the zionists is well known.

The insistence by the hostile media, that the middle and upper class is supportive of the Syrian government is neither here nor there. Because the reality is that the majority of Syrians all want the government to remain, not forever, but at least until it has carried out its programme of reforms which lead to a multi-party democracy and eventually democratic and transparent elections.

It is only natural that many of you believe that the cancellation and amendment of the UNSC resolution today is a victory for the Syrian nation and government, however you must also keep in mind that it is not over yet. The zionist global elite will not give up and will do their best not to allow Russia and China to prevent them from going ahead with their set goals as planned, therefore let it be known that if they do actually stop attacking Syria today, they will return to make another attempt in some other way they see possible.

The most likely outcome of the second UNSC assembly will be one of two scenarios, first, as already leaked is the dropping of two main clauses: the resignation of President Assad and the arms embargo, This could lead to two scenarios: The first will be that the west will have received a good beating, metaphorically speaking, by Russia and China and will have, at this stage at least, lost the international battle over Syria – which is of extreme importance geopolitically, being in the most sensitive region in the world at present.

The second scenario would be that the west would attempt to block the eventuality of the first scenario by itself dropping those clauses and potentially replacing them with requests directed at the Syrian government, with time limitations for implementation. At the same time it would increase the pressure on the ground by stepping up its policy of supporting insurgents in the country, in the full knowledge that the Syrian government will have no option but to respond militarily to the threat that terrorists pose to its people.

It is my view that any UNSC resolution which directly addresses only the Syrian government, with no consideration to the factual existence of armed terrorist groups, and their support by western and GCC powers, is entirely unacceptable and in violation of the UN’s own principles.

Terrorists in Homs

In a world where international justice prevailed, we would on the contrary be seeing a UNSC resolution voted for unanimously that condemns the so-called SNC, its armed terrorist groups and the powers “unofficially” backing the causes of chaos in Syria.