The international media have given wide coverage to the double attack in Damascus (44 dead, 166 injured). These articles are often redundant; only a few have been included in the attached press review.

The use of suicide bombers for this type of operation is traditionally interpreted as the signature of Al Qaeda. However, the Syrian National Council and regional pro-US leaders accused the Assad government of perpetrating these attacks against its own security services.

The international press, which considers the CNS in general and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular (Syrian Observatory Human Rights) as the only reliable sources, relayed this version without verifying it.

According to the case, the editorialists aim to:
*primarily negate the deployment in Syria of “Al-Qaeda in Libya” elements;
*or to further aggravate the charges against President al-Assad before the International Criminal Court;
*or, finally, to underscore that the Assad administration can no longer guarantee the security of its citizens.

While French web sites are widely disseminating our information and analysis, Edith Bouvier of Le Figaro, on one hand, confirms Daniel Iriarte’s ABC report – that Libyans have indeed joined the Free Syrian Army – but, on the other hand, seeks both to underestimate their role and to obscure their responsibilities. Accordingly, Abel Hakim Belhaj, historic leader of Al-Qaeda (of which he was third in command) is described as an “ex-jihadist.”

• Canadian newspapers focus on the remarks by Foreign Minister John Baird, announcing new sanctions against Syria. No media points out that Cham Press TV is on the list of the 81 targeted entities and personalities. The West, which pretends to be the custodian of freedom of expression, is bent on censoring the media of its opponents: Al-Manar in the aftermath of the war between Israel and Lebanon, Libyan TV during the Libyan war and Syrian private channel Ad-Dounia immediately following the outbreak of events.

• Reuters points out that the Russian oil company Tatneft is forced to cease its activities in Syria because of international sanctions.

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